Amazing Autumn coats

Favourite small jacket still looks great, but there can no longer find anywhere you can wear it now the weather is starting to get a little colder? Don’t spend all of autumn wishing you could have your old jacket back, instead find the joy of warm colder weather coats. There are a range of coats out there that are simple and suitable for any Autumn weather you may end up facing, so it's easy to find one you could fall in love with.

Long trench coat

The great thing about a long thick coat is that is holds the heat in whatever you are doing, keeping you warm all over as it covers most of your body up. Finding a trench coat to suit your personal style isn’t hard due to them being heavily in style, so huge ranges of varying colour and style can be found in fashion shops everywhere. Plus, if the warmth of the coat is not quite good enough, they can easily be paired with a scarf for extra warmth. Common colours this kind of coat are found in are things such as camel, beige and light greys. This is definitely a coat for those who hate tight fitting cold weather clothing.

Fur lined

Nothing screams warmth more than a beautifully lined coat. Whatever style of jacket you are looking for, whether it be long or short, a faux fur lining is great for making sure they are more than suitable for the colder weather ahead. Similar to a bigger, thicker coat the fur lining will hold in all the heat it can, leaving you feeling cosy and not too bothered about the cold. Finding one which also has a lined hood is great too, as your warmth will be preserved even through rain when you have your hood up. If fur isn't exactly your thing, try other materials linings such as a warm fleece.


A fan of the trench coat length but hate loose fitted clothing? You are definitely not alone and luckily there are a range of coats out there that fit the criteria of a more shaped trench coat. The fitter versions feature a similar style to your average trench coat, being slightly plain with buttons running down the front in two lines, however they can be a little shorter due to their fitted nature. Being pulled in at the wait it will show your silhouette more than many trench coats would and the outward flare of the bottom will make your fitted look even better. Pair with a scarf for a little extra warmth and colour.

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