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Kitchen accessories to add colour

Sick of your kitchen looking dull and empty? You may not need to redecorate to bring the life back into it. Instead, try investing in a couple small accessories and decorations you to scatter around the room. They’ll be sure to brighten up the place as well as renewing your love for your cooking space.…
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Homemade vs Store bought skincare remedies

When it comes to skincare remedies there is a whole world of products and solutions to try for any kinds of problem. Many people turn to store bought high end creams and serums to alleviate anything from skin discolouration to acne problems. However an increasing number of people are turning towards more natural remedies, some…
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Best cleaning device for floor types

Fed up of never quite picking up all of the dirt from your floors? It can be frustrating to spend hours cleaning only to find a spot was missed or even worse, still finding bit in your carpet no matter how long you cleaned for. But the solution to your cleaning woes may be simple,…
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Kitchen storage ideas for extra space

Having room to move in your kitchen feels great, but in smaller rooms this can become a challenge. Reclaim your kitchen and make your cooking space feel bigger with these few handy tricks to clean up the clutter and save you having to take up some more room by adding in extra cupboards. Pull out…
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