Autumn Vehicle accessories

If you love being in your car and keeping it looking great, then why simply have it looking the same all year round? Try some subtle customisation that will get you into the spirit of the season by switching out your old car decoration or adding some new ones in. You’ll be amazed at just how different it will make driving in your trusty car.

Seat covers

The most noticeable thing in your car when you go to get inside are the seats, you see them every time you enter or exit. So why not make them look amazing? Try getting some seasonal seat covers in warm colours such as orange or brown. These colours will not only look warm but feel it too when you pair the with materials such as fleece or faux fur. Giving you an incredibly soft seat that will hold in your body heat, making those colder morning and nights that are approaching a little more bearable. Plus, they look great and keep the autumn theme at the forefront of your car.


A smaller, less noticeable addition to your car's decoration is a hanging ornament. You can get a range of these in whatever style and theme you like, but for a delicate autumn theme a small dream catcher fits perfectly. Again getting one in browns and oranges will work best with the theme, but any natural colour will look great and make you feel at home with the season. The feathers and string that most are made of tie in nicely with the natural feeling of autumn colours and feel like nature due to both the colours and the materials.

Floor mats

If you want a large splash of colour but aren’t quite brave enough to go for a full set of seat covers, try some floor mats in a similar colour theme. They have a potential for a lot of colour that won't be constantly in your face when driving. They don't have to be a permanent addition and can simply be swapped in for the season when it comes around each year. Matching the accessories about perfectly they will work better in a slightly darker set of shades, avoiding light creams at all costs as they will get dirty quicker than anything else.

Air freshener

For that final touch that appeals to a different sense entirely, find an air freshener that reminds you personally of autumn. Whether that scent be of a forest, fallen leaves or even a kind of good that really makes you feel like you’re in the season. The appearance does not matter as the smell with tie in with the other accessories you have filled your car with and complete the theme you are trying to achieve beautifully. Making it really feel like autumn to every one of your senses every time you step into your car.

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