Gold vs Silver jewellery

Most people have a favourite colour in jewellery when it comes to the choice between silver and gold. But for those who have a soft spot for both, deciding which to wear for each occasion can be troublesome. To make that choice a little easier, check out the recommended colour combinations for both kinds of jewellery and see how your outfit compares.

Gold Jewellery

Gold is a great deep colour that adds a feeling of sophistication to any outfit you may add it to. As a warm colour it is best suited to be paired with colours of a similar tone. This means creating warm, cosy looking outfits that are perfect for colder weather or any formal situation. Some of the best colours to pair gold jewellery are those such as browns and oranges. As they both have similar tones within them as gold does, so they bring out the warmth in each other perfectly. For a less natural coloured and bold look, gold can be paired with colours such as dark pinks, which is a more daring outfit but looks great on those who can pull it off properly.

Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is light and catches the light beautifully on sunny days, due to being similar to while you may be complacent with wearing it with any outfit but some may be more suited to a different kind of metal. To get the most out of your silver pieces focus more on pairing them with colder colours. As silver is a cold colour itself and the pairing would result in the colour complementing each other nicely. A few examples of this kind of colour combination is wearing silver with creams and blues, especially navy blue as the dark of the blue looks great against the lightness of the silver. You can even wear silver with black, for a much larger brightness contrast that can bring an all black outfit to life. Saving it from looking dull and drab.

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