Home office storage ideas

Home offices are frequently small and require a lot of space saving techniques in order to fit all the important essentials in. If you're finding you're running out of office storage ideas then take a look at the ones we've listed below. They will not only offer your important papers and miscellaneous possessions a place to be kept, but also save you some space whilst looking great.

Storage ottomans

They can be used as seating of just simple decorative pieces. Choose an ottoman in the colour and material of your choice as a great addition to your office that will keep things tidy. Either use to store miscellaneous objects of varying shapes and sizes that have no home or use it to file away your paperwork safely without risk of damage. Install filing racks in square ottomans for extra control over storage of papers and even use dividers to store other objects whilst keeping them accessible.

Shelf above desk

Whether you have just one or a set of them spanning the width and height of the walls, shelves are the easiest space saving option to office storage. Installing a shelf relatively low above a desk can act as not only a decorative space, but a piece of storage that is easily accessible whilst you work. Which means your most important items can be stored close by without the constant need to be stretching to reach the higher shelves you may already have.

Decorative boxes

They can be stacked or left to stand alone, these boxes look great as they add a splash of style to your office. They come in a huge variety of colours and patterns and are great for storing smaller objects. Keep them on your desk for a storage solution that stops your work space from looking cluttered. They can hold anything from paper to stationary, you can even put some dividers inside to keep your pieces of stationery completely separate and tidy.

Wall hung cages / nets

Try hanging some square or rectangular cages on your walls to securely hold items out of your way. If items are rarely used this is a great place to store them, as it keeps them out of view line but makes them easy to find when you decide you do need them. For more unorganised items try some netting attached to the wall at the side and bottom to catch items dropped into it. Both are incredibly decorative and a great way to see where things are without them being in the way.

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