Keeping up with food trends

Unsurprisingly in the current day, we don't only have trends for things such as clothing or hair style, we also have them for food. Whatever your reason for keeping up with food trends, whether it may be for new ideas and inspiration or because they fit well into your daily diet, a couple of this years trends may have you questioning your loyalty to them.


Being found in everything from toothpaste to ice cream, activated charcoal is fast making its way to your plate. Even though medically used, the claimed health benefits from having this ingredient in your food has yet to be proven, but if you love the idea of everything you eat being a deep shade of black then it may be for you! Turning pizza’s, smoothies and even burger your teeth brushing routine into a pitch black endeavour is not a trend for the faint of heart.


This years trend of plants is not only confined to your interior decor, it is now making its way to your meals. Expect to see a huge increase in the amount of restaurant dishes you find with cauliflower as one of its ingredients as the vegetable soars in popularity. However in its shadow you can expect use of kale to lessen. Whatever edible plant you can get your hands on is great, use leaves as a way to both flavour and increase the aesthetic appearance of your dishes.


Whilst they are a great source of protein, many are not convinced on this slightly unusual trend. Incorporating insects into dishes is fast becoming a popular trend as we search for new food resources to feed our growing population. If you want to give it a try, you'll be likely to find something incorporating crickets or meal worms somewhere, but for something a little more adventurous you may have to search a little further.

Culturally correct

One of the most natural food trends of the year is having culturally appropriate food. This means no more twists on classic dishes such as those from further afield countries such as Japan to suit our already existing tastes. Dishes are starting to become correct, made in the traditional way they would be by their creators, meaning new flavours and combinations of food may be making its way to you. A trend that promotes food the way it was originally intended to be is rare to come across.

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