Kitchen accessories to add colour

Sick of your kitchen looking dull and empty? You may not need to redecorate to bring the life back into it. Instead, try investing in a couple small accessories and decorations you to scatter around the room. They’ll be sure to brighten up the place as well as renewing your love for your cooking space.

Tea coffee sugar jars

For a nice small bit of colour or pattern in the corner of your kitchen, why not try some colourful tea, coffee and sugar jars. They are not only a splash of colour into your design, but also a practical addition to your kitchen that you can use for years to come. They will never be hidden away in cupboards either if you decide to display them proudly on your work surface, so try a brightly coloured or even patterned set of jars to hold your tea making necessities. Coloured glass jars can even work if they are to your personal taste.


If you want a bit of brightness in your kitchen but not too much, try replacing your mugs and glasses with coloured glass variations or painted mugs. Whether you decide on pattern or plain colours these great mugs will brighten up your kitchen while on display or sitting on the draining board. Whilst the rest of your collection can be put away in cupboards to save a colour overload from flooding your kitchen. Plus, you get to enjoy their appearance even while you're sitting down in the living room enjoying a drink after work.

Tea towels

A very small addition to your kitchen, but very noticeable if displayed by being hung from a cooker or cupboard is a tea towel. Treating yourself to a pack or two of beautifully coloured or designed tea towels could brighten up your kitchen slightly by adding a tiny splash of colour to one section of your room. The rest can be hidden away in a drawer, or put on a shelf / in see through drawers to keep the bright coloured theme going throughout your kitchen as much as possible. It even makes drying up that little more entertaining.

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