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Where there's dirt, there can be flowers! That's the premise behind the Throw and Grow Flower Grenade, the masters of 'guerilla gardening'. The grenade shaped, clay pot contains buttercup, poppy and ryegrass seeds with the idea being to drop them in desolate places so the pot smashes and the seeds can grow and create life! What happens to the smashed pieces of the pot, we hear our eco friendly friends people cry? That's the beauty of the biodegradable nature of clay, as the pieces will dissolve when it rains. So now you can drop those flower grenades any time you see a patch of unloved wasteland, and not be accused of littering, or worse... This guerilla tactic will be in the name of Mother Nature! - R.K. Features: Grenade shaped, clay pots contain seeds that grow when they're thrown (and smashed) The idea is to bring some flora and fauna to forgotten wasteland Each grenade contains wild flower seeds: buttercups, poppies and ryegrass Buttercups and poppies will take at least 3 weeks to start growing, ryegrass 1 week