L’Occitane Cade Aftershave Balm 75ml


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Cade essential oil is extracted from juniper plants that grow wild across the Mediterranean scrubland which effectively protects the skin against the outdoor elements. The L'Occitane Cade products include men's moisturisers, shower gel and shaving care for the ultimate men's grooming experience. Enriched with a purifying and stimulating complex of Cade essential oil, protecting Shea butter, moisturising vegetable-based glycerine, soothing bisabolol and firming extract of birch sap. This after-shave balm immediately soothes the skin, preventing irritations and the feeling of tightness, moisturises and softens the skin and fortifies and protects the epidermis from daily irritants. To use: Apply to face and neck after shaving, paying close attention to irritated areas. May also be applied at night to moisturise, relieve and soothe skin. Softens skin and beard for a gentler shave the following morning.