Quality laptops for a budget

Looking to buy a new laptop but don't have a huge amount of cash to spare? Don't worry, whether you're looking for a household machine or a portable notebook for your teenager to take to university, there are cheap options out there that aren't completely terrible. Better yet, with back to school sales you could find them even cheaper for a while. Here are some of the cheapest quality laptops you can find at the moment.

Asus Chromebook c201

With a smaller screen than our other selections at 11.6 inches, this chromebook does what it's supposed to. It is an affordable alternative to an expensive laptop and boasts a pretty good standard of performance. Plus, its long battery life ensures you have enough power to get through the day whether you're writing essays or using its front facing camera for video chats. The price of the unit does mean some areas of the laptop suffers, this is shown in reviews of the screen quality as it is said to suffer with colours and certain angles. Its whole case is plastic too, reflecting its pricing.

Acer Aspire

The biggest screen on our list, the Acer Aspire boasts a 16.6 inch glare proof screen, meaning it is perfect for use in any lighting conditions. Helping with glare reduction is the fact it’s screen is matte, but it is said to suffer when it comes to its actual display, so lighting may not be the biggest thing to concern yourself with. The laptops whole case is plastic similar to the chromebook. But it does boast some good specs and graphics along with enviable storage space at the same time that make up for its other downfalls.

HP Stream 14

Commonly coming in bright blue, this laptop deceives its somewhat unusual colour by being pretty worthwhile. Featuring a bright 14 inch screen, its only issue is said to be its narrow viewing angles when the user sits slightly off centre of the machine. Its overall performance is said to be good, supported by a long lasting battery life to get you through any task you have at hand. Again, like most cheaper laptops its casing is completely plastic and comes with some pretty low storage but does have options for expansion.

Acer 14 Chromebook

An affordable chromebook that unlike the others on this list has a casing made of metal and is a little heavier for those who need something portable. The build quality overall is said to be good with decent speakers and a wide field webcam helping with multiple person use. So no more squeezing people into a tiny space to be seen. The screens size is a decent 14 inches, but its quality is meant to suffer a little at certain angles.

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