Winter skincare essentials

Nothing is worse for your complexion than the harsh weather during the end of the year. As winter weather approaches be sure you have everything you need to keep your skin feeling full of life and moisture no matter what conditions it faces on a day to day basis. Keeping you looking and feeling great even on the dullest of cold winter days.


A great product to keep with you at all times, whether you use it on your face or body. When in the cold all day skin can become dry, especially on the face. Hands can also become damaged due to being subjected to cold weather every time they are washed. To stop your face and hands from drying out as you go about your day, be sure to keep some of your favourite moisturiser at hand at all times. Regularly top up on it when you can to keep your skin soft and healthy, even when the weather conditions feel like they are trying to strip it away.

Face scrub / mask

Simply moisturizing will not do everything it can for your winter skin, especially if you had damage to it such as dry skin before the season started. A build up or the beginning of dry and dead skin can make your face feel horrible, not to mention it can make it difficult to wear makeup the way you normally would. To keep on top of your complexion completely also try a face scrub or mask to remove dry or dead skin whilst keeping the skin underneath cared for and nourished. Pair this with moisturising to keep your skin in the best condition.

Lip care

As much as the rest of your skin, lips also experience the problem of excessively drying out in the colder weather that winter always brings. Doing damage that can be made worse by those who lick or chew on their lips. This kind of damage is hard to control as there is no sure way to protect your mouth from harsh weather, especially when you are eating and drinking throughout the day. So instead carry around a good lip balm and be sure to apply it whenever you feel it wearing off so there is always a protective layer over your mouth. Pairing this with a good lip scrub can be sure to get rid of any dead skin on the lips and keep it away.

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